Michigan Tailors: What Suit Choices Say About You

What Your Suit Says About You

Man wearing a black suit sitting on an outdoor bench

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What does your suit say about you — this has been an underlying question for any and possibly, all well-dressed men (and women) living in Michigan today. From suit colors to suit fabrics, each factor plays an important part in any kind of garment, especially that of a bespoke suit. 

We’re going through a rundown of some of the most well-known designs, colors, and fabrics that go with a finely made gentleman’s garment to identify the essence behind such choices.

The Black Attire

The black suit means more than looking formal. In fact, those who prefer wearing the darkest of colors tend to exhibit a sense of mystery and sophistication. As one might notice, people of authority, such as judges wear black to emanate a sense of higher power over everyone else, and the same concept applies for the black suit. It’s one of the more conservative of suit colors as well. So if you’re looking to highlight yourself apart from everyone at an event without drawing too much attention on yourself, the black suit is a timeless piece you should be considering. Take note however, that black does not go well with certain outfits such as wedding dresses. So you might want to reconsider your options before you pull the trigger on your custom tailor.

The White Suit Significance

White is not just about purity. It also signifies power and wealth. One can easily spot an individual when he’s wearing a white tux (or any kind of garment for that matter). The color itself simply screams attention, but it doesn’t come without any conditions. Given that the color stands out from the rest, added pressure is put on those who know how to dress with confidence. This is because of how much attention white can draw towards the wearer, and only a few who are indeed confident can pull off such a bold statement.

Pinstripes and Formality 

Those who prefer pinstripe suits are an interesting demographic. They are characterized by being outgoing in a sense but not to the extent in which one would consider them as fully liberated. While the pinstripes symbolize casualness, the cut and design of the suit determines its overall formality. One benefit of custom clothing is the freedom that comes with the development of the suit. A master tailor specializing in bespoke clothing can create such designs depending on the client’s wishes, tailoring it to look less or more formal regardless of the pinstripes.


If you think black is where it’s at when it comes to formality, tweed suits take it up a notch. Known as the gentleman’s choice, wearers of the English fabric are known to take elegance and sophistication to a whole new level. The tweed fabric itself is not extremely formal on its own, but combine a pair of tweed pants with a tweed jacket and vest and it becomes the very definition of timeless classic that only a true classy gentleman would appreciate. Those who choose tweed admire the timelessness of the old days and are somewhat conservative or reserved (though it doesn’t stop them from looking good).

The saying suit makes the man is evident in this blog. But don’t think that this is a black and white guide one should religiously follow. When it comes to fine bespoke dress codes, the meaning can vary depending on the tailor, the cut, and ultimately, the wearer. For example, what a three piece suit says about you isn’t defined by blogs or articles you read, it all depends on how you wear them and how comfortable it is to you. 

Stay tuned for Crown Custom Clothing’s upcoming blogs. We’ll be discussing more about suit meanings in the future, along with other tailoring and fine suit related topics in and around Michigan. You can also send us your thoughts and ideas on what topics you want us to write on our next articles. We’ll see to it that your blog requests are duly met.

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