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What Summer Colors to Choose for Your Suit

Color - an essential factor that any fine gentleman or lady should take into account when deciding to go for a bespoke suit here in Michigan (or anywhere else for that matter). This factor correlates with fabrics and design, three main components that make up a suit. But what exactly is the significance of colors when it comes to choosing the right garment considering that summer is in full swing? Crown Custom Clothing sheds light into this topic and provides you, the readers, with much-needed information about summer suit colors so you would also know more about what you are getting and feel better about your investment.



Gray is a timeless color that matches with a number of well-made clothing, from shirts to pants, coats, or even formal suits. Light gray, in particular, is well-liked by the fashion industry because of its laid back feel. The light color also helps in reflecting the heat instead of absorbing it which makes the color ideal for summer suits. Focusing on this shade, one can easily pair it with a lighter color such as white, a darker one such as black, or different shades of grey thanks to how flexible the color is. Be warned, if you’re opting to wear such color in, say, a formal dinner, be cautious on spilling on your gray suit because although this might be an ideal option for you, gray isn’t the best color that masks stains.


a red gown
Photo by Immortal shots from Pexels



Red is a color that entails power and authority. If you want to command respect from a certain audience at an event, whether it be a conference or a meeting, or if you want all eyes to focus on you, then you might want to consider wearing shades of red. Remember that the lighter the shade, the more casual you would look. So if the event entails formality, it would be best to stick with a dark color. But what about if it’s summer? Surely it wouldn’t be advisable to wear dark colors, right? Well, that’s where fabrics and colors would come into play. If you’re opting to go for this color for your suit, make sure to also consider the type of fabric you’re going to use to make sure you stay comfortable in the heat. Ask your local Michigan tailor on how this can be addressed. If they offer bespoke services, they’ll most definitely be able to provide you with the right fabric to match with your desired color. You wouldn’t want to sweat profusely during a meeting now, would you?



Khaki is a misunderstood term because they usually associate it with fabrics. Well, in fact, it is a type of color. Khaki is a perfect choice for summer wear as it doesn’t retain heat unlike its cousin - the brown suit. If paired with the right color combination, the wearer is most definitely highlighted from the crowd. You also wouldn’t have to worry about getting dirt stains during a trip to an event since darker shades of khaki can easily hide them. Take note, though, that a bespoke khaki suit isn’t that appropriate at night as it sticks out like a sore thumb, making you look informal in the process.


khaki coat  with blue shirt
Khaki suit by Kent Wang under commercial use and mods license


a white suit
Humphrey Bogart by Denis Bourez under Commercial use license



It’s no secret that white is a perfect color for the summer season. It provides a sense of cleanliness, freshness, and sophistication that simply commands respect and power. Be warned, though, that just because your suit is white doesn’t mean it’s alright or even comfortable. For those looking for custom-made white suits for men, ask your tailor about their available fabrics first. Remember that white easily stains, so factors like sweat can easily turn an elegant looking attire into a dirty rag. Try going for a linen suit as the fabric itself is highly breathable. As for combination, the purer you get into white, the harder it is to pull off. It is, therefore, advisable to mix it with other colors. Try mixing blue and white to give yourself a relaxed look while still maintaining a sense of formality into your clothing.



Blue is considered to be a tricky one to pull off IF you opt for the royal shades as it BLUEdemands confidence form the wearer. If you’re unsure of how you’re going to wear such shades, go for the more subtle ones instead (especially for formal occasions). Navy blue suits or light blue suits look dashing as the colors are subtle. The latter color is perfect for the summer season since it helps the wearer stay fresh while still retaining its formal feel. It is highly advisable to combine it with a white shirt with a classic fit or even some light knitted ties to offset the overpowering tone that it provides.


a blue suit
Photo by malcolm garret from Pexels


So there you have it, colors that are perfect for Michigan’s summer. Whether it’s suits, shirts, ties or coats, these colors are perfect for any savvy gentleman like you. Just make sure to have the right fabrics for the right season if you’re looking to maximize your level of comfort and confidence when you wear them.

If you’re one to prioritize colors first, Crown Custom Clothing offers a wide range of colors. Our color and fabric lineup is as vast as it is unique. If you’re looking for a certain shade, we most definitely can provide you with what you need to meet your expectations. Combining years of experience in bespoke tailoring with a wide array of textiles, our tailors can create a suit, shirt, or dress that fits you and your personality. Give us a call today at 248-439-1898 or send us an email at m.kalam@customtailormi.com. Our shop is located at 2410 W 14 Mile Rd. Royal Oak, MI, so feel free to visit us and see for yourself what you can expect from us.

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