Comparing the Suits of Men and Women

The Difference Between Men’s Suits from Women’s Suits


A suit is always a good investment. The time will come when a man or a woman has to use one. It’s better to be ready for that occasion rather than rush out and hunt for an off-the-rack outfit that may fit, or will need a few alterations. The best option is to get a perfectly customized suit for you! That’s why we have the best custom-made suits in Royal Oak, MI.

Suits that bring an intimidating aura to your persona are what anyone strives for. More women are getting custom suits than ever before to harness the confidence bespoke clothing brings. There are fundamental similarities in what to wear but there are also differences that must be taken into account.

Trendy or Traditional
When buying your first suit, you’ll want something that you can wear again at events for years to come. It’s the same for both men and women. With that in mind, don’t go for a suit that’s ultra-hip at the moment. Lean toward a traditional cut or a classic color for the suit of your choice. If you’re after a great look, try Crown Custom Clothing, home of the best bespoke suits in Royal Oak, MI.
Pass on olive green or maroon-colored suits, and instead look at classic colors such as charcoal grey, dark brown, or navy blue. There’s more freedom for women when it comes to color though and wool is probably the best fabric for suits. With those similarities done, let’s now touch on women’s suits versus that of men.
The KeyDifferences

  1. Coat
    On the female side, the blazers tend to be shorter. They usually stop right at the hip. Men’s suits are long. There are lengthier masculine cuts in the women’s section for those who are specifically looking for that style. The other key difference is a man wears his coat with trousers whereas a woman can be more flexible with either trousers or a skirt.
  • Suit Vents

When it comes to the vertical slits at the back of the coat or vents, men tend to choose based on their desired style. Women also have this option, but for women with larger hips, you might want to consider a vent or two for comfort while seated. On a women’s blazer, we recommend at least a single or double vent.

  1. The Contrast in Taking Measurements
    Women’ssuits are more complicated to make. There are a lot more measurements involved. It’s not just about the coat. The shirt beneath it is also taken into consideration with specific attention to the neck, the body, and the sleeves. Overall, the style of a man’s suit is more rigid, while there’s flexibility in design for a woman’s business wear. 

A Shop of Suits for Men and Women 

Now that men and women are essentially on equal footing in the world of business and both have a shared privilege of putting on a power suit, a good question is where can a woman get herself a tailor-made outfit worth the image she wants to project? There are custom-made suits in Royal Oak, MI that can make you look like a million dollars.
Here’s a name to keep in mind when you’re on the hunt for good-looking, high-quality made suits, Crown Custom Clothing. Reach out to us by calling (248) 439-1898 or by visiting us at our store in Royal Oak, Michigan.