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High-Quality Custom Suits in Sterling Heights, MI

Being in the custom suit business for over 10 years now, we at Crown Custom Clothing have provided hundreds of clients in Sterling Heights, MI with high-quality garments. We are trusted by the whole Metro Detroit area because of our passion for absolute customer satisfaction. We have made it part of our initiative to teach our clients how to take care of their suits making them stay in great condition for a long time. Check out our clothing care advice listed below.

Taking Care of your Suit

Your suit is an investment and you want it to look and feel great for the longest time possible. In order to achieve this, here are tips that will definitely help you:

1. Rotation – Avoid wearing your suit for a consecutive number of days. If possible, let your suit rest for about two days before wearing it again in order to give it a chance to revert back to the original shape.

2. Easy on the Pockets – Try not to put too much stuff inside the pockets. If you really need to bring a lot, bring a bag that matches your suit instead. This can help preserve the fabric.

3. Use a Proper Hanger – Allow your suit to hang in order for the materials used to recover. Also, use a hanger with good quality and round edges to avoid damage on your suit.

4. Brushing – Brushing your suit after wearing it can help make it look great and avoid the need for cleaning. It removes lint, dirt, and other debris from the fabric.

5. Avoid Dry Cleaning – Dry cleaning can wear out your suit and should only be done once or twice a year. A good alternative would be steaming which removes wrinkles and also keeps your suit fresh.

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