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Our services: Providing Bespoke Tailoring, Custom Clothing and Superior Alteration Across Michigan!

Bespoke Suits/Hand Made Suits

At Crown Custom Clothing we are dedicated to giving you the best bespoke tailoring around Royal Oak, Michigan and its surrounding areas.

We have a number of fabrics and styles from around the world for you to choose from, all of which caters to your taste and lifestyle. We will make sure you get a perfect fit regardless of your size.

Our suits are hand-made by tailors with decades of experience and an undying commitment to their craft.

Custom Blazers and Topcoats

If you are looking for a hand-made sports coat, blazer or overcoat, we at Crown Custom Clothing are dedicated to giving you nothing but the latest designs using materials that will definitely speak volumes about you.

Wedding suits/Dresses

We’ve heard you’re getting married and are making plans for your big day! We would like to give you our most sincere congratulations and offer our help to make your wedding day even more special for you.

When it comes to wedding attire, there’s no other shop in the area like us! You can rely on Crown Custom Clothing as far as your suits and wedding gowns are concerned. With us as your partner, you’ll have one priority checked on your list.

Tailored/Hand-Stitched Shirts

Be it your casual shirts or formal shirts/dress shirts, we at Crown Custom Clothing make sure you get the fabric, style, and fit based on your preference and body type. All our shirts are hand-stitched by our own in-house tailors. From unique designs to commissioned monograms, our tailors can customize your shirts to whatever you desire!


If you’re looking for clothing alteration around Royal Oak, MI to modify the fit of your attire without compromising its appearance, then Crown Custom Clothing is definitely here to offer you a helping hand. The statement “Old is Gold” can be applied to vintage clothing, and we want to preserve the story behind such garments by letting the owner be able to wear it for years to come. Rest assured that once you avail yourself of our alteration services, you’ll get results that are definitely worth your time.

Bespoke Tailoring in Royal Oak, MI and beyond!

Crown Custom Clothing is committed to customer satisfaction and total bespoke tailoring services. For years we have satisfied our customers by providing top quality formal garments, designs, alteration services, and wedding suits. With us, you can always expect reliable services that you will never find anywhere else in Michigan! We are one of the premier tailors in the state for we take our craft to a whole different level. Why settle for your regular tailor when you can drop by our shop and have your clothing done by true professionals.

For more information, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 248-439-1898 or send us an email at . Our shop is conveniently located at 2410 W 14 Mile Rd. Royal Oak, MI. Drop by and see our line of fabrics and accessories. 

Crown Custom Clothing: Fine bespoke clothing like no other.