Wearing Scarfs On Suits? Michigan Tailors Approve

Scarfs and Suits: A Gentleman’s Theme

Scarf with tassels

Wearing a scarf is a trend that’s timeless both in terms of appeal and functionality. Tailors from all over Michigan can attest to such fashion. It showcases advantages that range from making one’s image appear sleeker to the usual warmth and comfort. But for the elegant gentlemen (and women, of course), such style no longer limits itself to the lines of “how to tie a scarf around the neck” but delves into the thoughts of a person who would ask themselves “how to wear a scarf professionally”.

See, for fine clothing aficionados, wearing the right garment theme is as paramount as the classification of brew they choose at a pub. It is a statement that dictates how others see their overall being.

But of course, dressing up in savvy and elegantly-made clothing is one thing, wearing it with one’s own personal flair is another.

And that’s where the scarf comes back into the picture. This piece of fabric is considered to be one of the most flexible pieces of garments known to man. It can be used in all types of occasions including business meetings, casual strolls, party events, and even black-tie events. But in the nature of fine bespoke attires, Crown Custom Clothing is going to delve into the relationship of scarves with that of men’s suits. We’ll be tackling questions such as how to wear a scarf with a blazer, is the accessory already out of style, and show you ways to wear a scarf with other clothing as well.

Wearing a scarf with a suit is as timeless as it is voguish. Now some people might be wondering how to actually pull a scarf-coat-slack combination, or even question if such a theme is actually feasible. Well, it all depends on the type of scarf one chooses for the suit. There are, in fact, protocols that one should remember when attempting to utilize such accessory — all of which aren’t as difficult to remember as one might think.

First is the design and color. When wearing, say, a tweed suit, it’s best to match the type of scarf with said attire. If the clothing is checkered, it might be a better option to keep the scarf as plain as possible so as not to overpower the entire garment. And while wearing a brightly colored one on top of a dark-colored suit might be attainable, not all colors are able to perfectly match it. Just imagine using a pink scarf over a black tux. Now that is going to be considered sinful in the eyes of contemporary suit-wearing enthusiasts.

The next one would be the type of fabric. While a winter scarf is indeed functional (especially with Michigan’s weather patterns this holiday season) such fabric choice might actually break the entire theme. Take note that these garments are usually made of wool and would naturally be thick (At times they might even cover one’s entire face). Unless you want to be the center of attention at an event, it’s best to go for silk scarfs. This type of fabric is breathable and soft yet warm enough to keep one cozy during a formal or casual event this holiday season.

The last one is your own feel. While flaunting a scarf along with a formal or casual suit might be ideal in highlighting your overall image, there are times when it’s better to just drop it altogether and wear the suit without it. Remember that using a business scarf along with your bespoke suit is not a prerequisite to looking stylish. It always depends on what one thinks will best highlight their own being. There’s no shame in leaving the scarf at home and going for the simple bespoke attire if you think it is better off without it. Your suit will still look as professionally stylish without it.

As for the question “are scarves out of style?” for us here at Crown Custom Clothing, our answer is a resounding no. Whether you’re wearing smart casual or a fully custom suit from us, accentuating your attire with the right type of scarf is always a definite yes for us. Just make sure to learn the different types of scarf tying to really make you and your attire stand out from the crowd — but that is another topic for another time. So stay tuned for our upcoming blogs.

If you’re a person with true taste in the finer things in life, you might want to check out our shop at Royal Oak, Michigan. Crown Custom Clothing has a wide variety of fabrics to choose from for your very own custom attire. Handled by a professional master tailor that understands what you want in terms of quality, functionality, and uniqueness, there’s nothing better to get this holiday season than a finely made suit that highlights you like a proper gentleman or lady.