Custom-Made and Tailored Suits in Royal Oak MI

Stylish Custom Suits in Royal Oak, MI

Crown Custom Clothing specializes in custom bespoke suits and has been serving clients in Royal Oak, MI and surrounding cities for more than a decade. We can tailor or alter daily-wear clothes, as well as clothing for different types of events such as weddings. And when it comes to weddings, both the bride and groom should be confident in looking their best.

Styling the Groom

A wedding is about the groom as much as it is about the bride. This is why the groom also needs to turn-up his style during the wedding day. But, it can be challenging given the culture of wedding dresses being grand. Here are simple rules that need to be followed for a groom to match his bride’s elegant look:

1. Theme – Your suit should match the event’s level of formality. For outdoor weddings, go for more casual and relaxed shades and styles. Darker colored coats are best for more formal events.

2. Coordination – It is an unspoken rule that the groom’s suit and the bride’s gown should match and complement each other. Your clothes are the best way to show off your unity as a couple.

3. Body Type – You should let your body type dictate the design of your suit. Look sharper by letting a professional distinguish what color and design are perfect for you.

4. Perfect Fit – It is only right to wear a perfectly tailored suit on a very special day such as your wedding. It should neither be too loose nor too tight in order for you to look dashing with comfort and style.

5. Stand out – It has been a tradition for groomsmen and bridesmaids to wear something similar to the couple. But, the groom can reverse the colors or add accessories in order to stand out and be set apart from the gang.

Truly, there are many things to consider. But, if you partner with a custom suit specialist in Royal Oak, MI just like us, you won’t have to worry about anything! Call (248) 439-1898 today.