Suit Up and Match Your Bride’s Wedding Dress

Match Your Suit With Your Bride’s Wedding Dress

The groom’s attire does not necessarily have to match that of his bride. It should however, be complimentary at the very least, something that would be in harmony with the wedding gown. Remember that it would help in the fulfillment of any wife’s dream who’s been hunting for the perfect wedding dress to stand beside her groom who’s in sync with the level of her ideal look. He might have to check out the bespoke suits of Royal Oak, MI.

Tux Or Suit?

If it’s a formal wedding, the groom will probably need a tuxedo to match the occasion. Nothing is classier than a tux. It’s not de rigueur though. For the sake of practicality, know that the tux will probably not be worn again after the wedding. Some would strongly suggest going for a sharp black suit because it can come across as cool and timeless. It’s almost as formal as a tux and most guests won’t even know that it’s not.

What one has to particularly take note of is that, while the groom should be color coordinated with the groomsmen, there should be a striking difference in his get-up that shows a color match with the bride’s overall hue. He could be the only one wearing a vest and tie matching the woman’s white, ivory, or champagne gown. It must be emphasized that no one else in his posse wears that special blend.

The Right Suit for The Right Gown

Most brides know exactly what they want their wedding to be like and how they want it to look. As a matter of fact, some have been obsessed with it long before the wedding. The gown they’ve been dreaming about will dictate the ambiance of the event. The woman first finds her wedding dress. After that, the man can then look for his attire. That said, custom-made suits from Royal Oak, MI can be found for that special day at Crown Custom Clothing.

  • Princess Gown or Ball Gown

When the bride is dressed in a princess gown or a fuller ball gown, it’s obvious that the occasion is going to be best-in-class. In such a case, the groom should look as sophisticated as the lady of the hour and can’t be in anything less than a black tuxedo. This is the only time it will happen that a tux must be worn, lest the man looks underdressed and doesn’t do justice to what the woman’s wearing.

  • Tea-Length Dress

A tea-length dress is one whose hem is above the ankle. It’s a modern substitute for formal gowns. If this is the woman’s choice of what to wear during the wedding, the man can go for a colored suit. It’s not the usual fashion for the occasion and it can be made colorful. If it’s a daytime event, a suit with a lighter color will pass. It’s best to go with a darker shade in the evening. 

  • Slip Dress

A slip dress is one that looks a bit like an undergarment with spaghetti straps and is definitely appropriate for a wedding. So as not to show too much skin, the cut for this garment is ankle-length and it doesn’t have a plunging neckline. Since this is likely for an informal affair, what would go well with a bride in this kind of dress is a groom in a light-colored suit. He shouldn’t look overdressed and steal the spotlight from her.

  • A Colored Wedding Dress

Nowadays, more brides are choosing wedding outfits with their preferred color for the marriage. In such a case, all the groom has to do is avoid clashing with her dress. He should go for a grey or black suit and let his bride stand out and bloom. What he can do as a tribute to the lady of his life is to wear a tie that is the same color as what she’s wearing.

It’s Also About The Groom Too

The man mustn’t forget that, while he should be a match to what the woman’s wearing during their wedding, he too must project his own style on that special day. If he’s into well-made outfits, he should look into bespoke suits from Crown Custom Clothing in Royal Oak, MI.

Like the realization of a woman’s dream wedding dress, Crown Custom Clothing can also stitch together a man’s dream attire. Go to our website at and find out more about how we can help in creating the best suit for your special day.