Tips on How to Check High Quality Made Suits

How to Check if Your Custom Suit is High-Quality Made

Is the suit you’re looking for the best there is? You have to know that tailors who deal with cheap materials don’t put the inferior details where their customers see them. What many tailors will do is oversell the quality of their suit by mentioning a few superficial features, such as buttons that are made from horns or functional cuffs.
They’re mentioned with the hope that you’ll be kept from taking a closer look at other significant hallmarks of a high-quality suit. Anyway, here are several details that a manufacturer includes when tailoring the best custom suits you can proudly wear.

12 Things to Check in a High-Quality Suit

1. Check the Label – In a world of high-end suits, the brand says it all. Buying a bespoke suit in Savile Row can be a giveaway that you’re looking at quality custom-tailored bespoke garments. But this also means high pricing.

2. Rounded Corners – A well-made bespoke clothing has rounded corners at the lapel tips and the end of the sleeves. They say it prevents wear and tear. In the world of design, they’re also found to be easier on the eyes than sharp corners.

3. Pick Stitching – This is small sewing done at the edge of the suit’s lapel to prevent it from swelling. It’s also decorative on purpose as it puts on a subtle accent, especially on bespoke tailored suits.

4. Inside Stitching – A good quality suit has a lot of lining sewn by hand involved. If one checks closely on, say, the armhole, it should be slightly irregular because of needlework instead of just being machine sewn. Inside stitching has a more comfortable feel to it

5. Collar – Raise the collar of your coat and look at how it’s sewn on. A good quality suit is hand sewn and you can tell it apart from the perfect stitch of a sewing machine.

6. Pattern Matching – This is the mark of meticulously done business wear but it can only be seen in a striped, plaid, or windowpane suit. That’s when the designs of the clothing material are aligned and symmetrical when laid out for custom suits.

7. Buttonholes – A top-notch suit will always have handmade buttonholes. They’re a fine stitch with what’s called a gimp in front and they look slightly irregular on the backside. On the positive side, they never fray.

8. Fabric Reserve – Check for extra cloth in the side seams that can be used by a master tailor if reconstruction needs to be done. This is for when you’ve lost or gained weight to get a perfect fitting. Cheaper suits don’t leave the extra fabric for repair.

9. Genuine Horn Buttons – Needless to say, a high-end suit must have high-quality buttons. The traditional benchmark is horn buttons. Using a two-hole button is a great choice when it comes to the suit’s design.

10. Shoulder Construction – This makes for a slightly rounded look where the shoulder meets the sleeves. The style projects a very distinctive look one sees in tailored suits instead of the pointed off-the-rack coat.

11. Material Label – A first-rate suit always makes known what natural fibers it’s made of. Whether it’s a ready-to-wear or made-to-measure garment, it can consist of wool, cotton, cashmere, or silk but never polyester or nylon.

12. Trouser Waistband & Cuffs or No Cuffs – The pants either have suspender buttons or belt loops on their waistband, never both. At the end of the pants, cuff or no cuff is simply a matter of choice and has nothing to do with excellence.

A Reputation for Quality
You either check closely for quality in bespoke suits or go directly to someone who’s known to be a quality suit maker. If you go for the latter, then visit Crown Custom Clothing in Metro Detroit for a quality bespoke service. You can call us at 248-439-1898 for more information.

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