Tailors In Michigan Talk About Fall Suit Fabrics

Fall Fabrics for your Bespoke Suit

With the changing of seasons, it’s only natural for popular clothing styles to also undergo certain shifts. Last summer, people were fixated with comfort, ease, and breathability when visiting custom tailor shops to make their clothes. But when the temperature started dropping — especially here up north in Michigan — that fad won’t hold water anymore.

This fall, the fabric trends would lean more towards what could fend off the cold and chilly weather. So on that note, if you’re going to have a custom suit made this season, this suit fabric guide may help you decide what to go for:


Blue wool
Image by engin akyurt from Pixabay

Known as one of the most commonly used fall fabrics for suits, wool is a great option for people whose aims are to keep warm this fall while still retaining a degree of elegance to their clothing. In fact, most cold-weather clothing pieces are made from this fabric; only, their texture and weaving styles vary to create wider variations.

Pure wool fabric is taken from animal fleece such as sheep and goat. You may already know by now what it’s like; 100% wool is characterized by its thick, voluminous, and chaotic fibers, which are spun and woven in a way that makes the whole material strong and compact. Now, it’s true that a wool suit may be highly absorbent of moisture. But that’s actually what makes it perfect for autumn clothes. Because wool fibers absorb humidity in a slow but steady rate, it manages to hold all moisture in and keep that from seeping all the way through to the wearer.

Some types of wool are woven in a specific manner to be perfect for making bespoke suits. One of those is worsted wool, which is the type that’s well-combed and pressed to separate long fibers from short ones, which results in the material becoming consistent, refined, and therefore smoother to the touch. Because of this feature, this fabric has become a true favorite for the fall season, especially when it comes to bespoke clothing.


Cashmere wool
Image by 4cruzetam from Pixabay

Cashmere suit is all about luxury and elegance. So if that’s what you’re going for this fall, then this is the perfect fabric for you. This material is taken from the Cashmere goat, which is specifically bred for their fine and velvety undercoat. And what makes it truly expensive and luxurious is the fact that one can only get a few ounces of the material at a time after taking out the goat’s outer coat. And this task can only be done by hand, during the goats’ molding season in spring. In other words, it’s challenging to acquire in mass amounts.

But just like the other two types of materials, cashmere offers great warmth during fall (and winter), especially when it’s woven together with wool. It can keep wearers warm when temperatures get as low as -40° C. Now, cashmere wool is extremely soft to the touch as compared to tweed wool. However, exactly because of this softness, the drawback to this fine exclusive fiber would have to be its longevity. Proper care and minimal usage are keys to avoid losing your suit’s shape. 

Merino Wool

Merino is a breed of sheep that are cherished for their special fleece. For those who are on a budget but still want the fineness of cashmere on their fall clothes, Merino sheepskin possesses features similar to a cashmere fabric’s properties, making it a great substitute for this luxurious material. For one, it’s a much finer type of wool compared to others, so it doesn’t have that coarse and itchy property you’d get from other types of wool.

You could also think of Merino Wool as a fluffier version of tweed suits, which resemble Cashmere visually. It may not be as soft as they say, but it is more water-resistant than that of Cashmere clothing since it is a breathable fabric that manages moisture better than any other material. In fact, Merino absorbs moisture up to 30% of its weight without you feeling wet in any way.


Tweed fabric
Image by Ron Porter from Pixabay

Tweed fabric has been an apex clothing material since the 1800s because of its ability to withstand chilling air and harsh conditions, making this one of the best fabrics for fall and winter. Its capabilities have been praised all around the world and have made this fabric a top choice even for British aristocrats back in the day as a material they can incorporate into staff uniforms due to its resistance to water. This is no doubt a perfect material for a state like Michigan, which — being at one of the northernmost areas of the country — has a cooler atmosphere compared to other states.

There are numerous types of tweed cloth, the Harris tweed fabric being the most well-known alongside the Donegal tweed. Both varieties of tweed are done by hand and are specifically designed to keep you warm. Do take note that these are made by carded wool rather than combed wool. Carded wools or woolens are generally thicker and are made up of frizzy, uncombed yarns, so don’t expect your custom-made suits of this material to be as soft and fine to the touch as compared to others.

In terms of fashion, the Herringbone pattern compliments the fabric perfectly. Nowadays, this pattern is commonly incorporated for autumn collections and lookbooks. And the style is not only seen in suit designs but also in caps, scarves, ties, and socks. When incorporated into a suit design, it exudes a look of sophistication and a lax appearance, especially if working with the elegant light blue tweed fabric to complete the classic gentleman look.


However, all the perks and benefits contained in these fabrics won’t really matter much if your chosen bespoke garment isn’t properly made. It doesn’t matter that you’re warm this fall if your suit feels tight on the shoulders or too loose in the chest anyway. To really make the most of these wonderful materials, you have to make sure they’re crafted by the best artisans in your area.

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