Improve your Look with Custom Made Suits in Royal Oak, MI

Elevate your look! Get Custom Made Suits here in Royal Oak, MI

High-End Quality Suit

In a recent video that has been circulating online, Steve Harvey talks about how a man can come up with a total of up to 75 different combinations with just a few timeless wardrobe staples. While it’s true that having many options to choose from may be advantageous, it’s detrimental if none of those options fit well and complement your natural shape. This is why having a bespoke suit is essential for anyone. 

Now, what difference does a custom-made suit make compared to a ready-made one?

Here are some points on how having a custom-made suit can elevate your look: 

  • You will get the best fit

As we all know, everybody is made differently. You may have the same “body type” as another person; however; there will always be a difference – especially in the specific measurement of your body parts. You may have broader shoulders, a long arm, or a slightly shorter torso. Entrusting your suit to the Small – Medium – Large scales of apparel measurements will not ensure the best fitting suit for you. 

Whenever you have your suit custom-made, you personally go to the tailor and have your measurements taken. This is a significant advantage over purchasing ready-to-wear suits. Having your suit custom-made means that it is precisely tailored to your body’s proportions, down to the millimeter. We all know that a perfectly fitted suit will make you look and feel great while wearing it. This allows you to highlight the best features of your body and radiate confidence. 

  • Specifically made according to your style

Having your suit altered by a master tailor here in Royal Oaks, MI allows you to express your personality through your suit. As the term would imply, “custom-made” suits are completely customizable – crafted for your preferences, style, and needs. You may consult with your tailor if you have any minor or major changes that you are leaning toward while the suit is being made. The type of material, some unique modifications to the structure of your suit, a few extra details, or even some cut variations are all easily done. Just talk to your tailor and surely, you can work together to make your vision into a wearable reality.

  • Great for any occasion

A classic custom-made suit will never fail you. It can be worn to any type of occasion. With the correct and stylish combination of the suit with the other components of your overall look, you will be able to pull off your look wherever you go. Whether it’s a simple dinner date, the movies, a birthday party, or even formal and non-formal social events. You can always count on your bespoke suit to give you a timeless fit that will make you fit in through any type of crowd. 

  • Quality assured

It is a common understanding that a bespoke suit is more durable than the ones that are bought off the rack and ready to wear. When you have your suit custom-made, you can rest assured that everything is made to perfection – from the pleats, collars, buttons, and down to the final stitches. With this in mind, you can move around more comfortably and confidently without worrying about an unexpected wardrobe malfunction. As we all know, having confidence is the best thing to finish off any look.

Elevating your look by having a bespoke suit may cost a little more upfront but this is also a long-term investment that will help you look and feel your best for decades to come. 

If you are looking for a place that sources the best custom-made suits around Metro Detroit and Royal Oak MI, Crown Custom Clothing is the name to remember.  You can visit us at 2410 W 14 Mile Rd, Royal Oak, MI 48073, or call us at (248) 439-1898 to make an appointment