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Caring for your Suit During Travel

Formal events and occasions may often require you to travel. Of course, you would need to bring your suit or black-tie outfit with you which can be tricky. You need to pack it in a suitcase which may ruin it, especially for long-distance travel. Here at Crown Custom Clothing, we know that custom and bespoke suits are quite the investment which is why we will teach you how to care for your suit when traveling in and outside Detroit, MI.

When not packed properly, your suit could retain some nasty wrinkles and you may end up looking shabby on that job interview or formal event. And, you cannot rely on having it dry cleaned every time because excessive dry cleaning can damage your suit. The following are some tips on how to keep your suit in good condition after spending long hours inside your suitcase.

1. When packing, the goal is to keep the number of folds to a minimum. This will be difficult for the jacket so here’s what you need to do: Flip one shoulder inside out. Then, you would take the unfolded shoulder and place it inside the other. Fold it in half and you are good to go. You may refer to this 1-minute video:

2. Be sure to empty all the pockets before packing in order to minimize creases and avoid the risk of damaging your suit.

3. Use a garment bag. A plastic dry-cleaning bag can also work and would be ideal if you want to save space inside your suitcase.

4. Upon arriving at your destination, immediately hang your clothes on quality hangers to remove wrinkles.

5. If you have time, you can head to a laundry shop or dry cleaning and have your suit pressed only.

6. Steaming is also a good option. But if not available, an alternative could be hanging your suit inside the bathroom before taking a hot shower. The steam will lessen wrinkles.

Follow these steps and you will look amazing on your next out of town formal event. If you frequent business trips or wear suits from time to time, be sure to get world-class and high-quality bespoke suits here in Detroit, MI. Get in touch with Crown Custom Clothing by calling us at (248) 439-1898 today.