Feel Empowered: Opt for the Best Wedding Gown Designs

Customize Your Own Intricate Gown for your Michigan Wedding

Finding the Wedding Dress Design that is Perfect for Your Figure

WEDDINGS . . . Almost every girl has always dreamt of having the so-called “PERFECT WEDDING”. Many of these girls have daydreamed or even played pretend of how they want their weddings to happen once they are already in that moment. The overall motif of the event, the kinds of flowers to be used as decoration, and even the songs to be played never gets missed out. But there is one major element of the wedding that every girl or woman takes into consideration: THE WEDDING DRESS.

For women who are done with play-pretend and are already in the stage of getting married, the ideas for the wedding dress designs are limitless! Themes and styles are ever-evolving and new interpretations of the classics are being continually refined. And professional tailors at  Crown Custom Clothing can help you narrow down these overwhelmingly infinite possibilities. We can help you determine the ideal wedding dress designs that will show off your best features. This takes you one step closer to wearing the perfect dress on the most memorable moment of your romantic life.

Keep in mind that you are already perfect in your own way. And, the wedding dress is an instrument that will further emphasize your ever-present beauty.

Here are some ways of designing your wedding gown to show off your flattering details.


Wedding dress with veil and a bouquet of roses
Photo from Pexels by Pixabay

If you have a straight or slim figure and want to put emphasis on your curves, wear a dress that wraps firmly around your waist.

Woman in a wedding dress holding a bouquet of red and blue flowers
Photo from  Unsplash by Orlova Maria

If you want to show off your curves, having a silhouette that hugs and follows every arc in your body is ideal. They can emphasize your waist and hips to make you look and feel more alluring.

Woman in a wedding dress holding a bouquet and the groom posing at the back
Photo from  Unsplash by Marc Sporys

If you have an apple-shaped body or have a heavier upper torso, downplaying your upper body is made easy by wearing a dress that snugs the narrowest part of your waist then slightly spreads over your hips and stomach. 

Woman wearing a wedding dress holding a bouquet
Photo from  Unsplash by Jonathan Borba

For a pear-shaped body, represented by having most of your weight in the hips and thighs,  you can never go wrong with an A-line skirt dress. Having a diagonal draping will also pull away attention from wider hips and thighs.


Woman on an elegant wedding dress near the sea
Photo from  Pexels by Kyle Roxas

If your bust is on the smaller side, going for a sweetheart neckline can make it appear larger. Choosing a shiny fabric like silk or satin, and adding details around the bust can also boost your proportions. If you want to draw away attention to other parts of your body instead, you can go for deep-V or high necklines.

A woman on a wedding dress holding a bouquet outdoors
Photo from Unsplash by Chuttersnap

If you want to flatter your bust or want to have a romantic look, going for an off-shoulder neckline is your best bet. Wearing a curved neckline can also make your bust a supporting feature that will accentuate your face and collarbone. It is very important to make sure that your dress is well structured.


Woman on a white wedding dress standing near the sea
Photo from Pexels by Kyle Roxas

If you want to look taller, go for a dress that closely fits the form of your body. Go for a design that features straight lines and has fewer details and excess fabric. Another way of drawing eyes up which makes you appear taller is wearing asymmetrical sleeves.

White wedding dress on stand
Photo from Pexels by PhotoMIX Ltd.

To compliment your tall height, choose a design with a simple silhouette with fewer details. Go for ones that feature long and clean lines. Make sure that the dress fits you perfectly`.

These specifications are nothing but guidelines. Beauty is subjective and no one is stopping you from having your own design ideas. Collaborating with a custom tailor that is expert in recognizing every aspect of your body will make creating your wedding dress an exciting experience. Here at Crown Custom Clothing, it is our goal to realize your vision and make sure that you have the utmost confidence and comfort as you grace through your wedding aisle. 

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