Suit, Shirt, and Dress Alteration Services in Royal Oak MI

Reliable Shirt, Dress, and Suit Alteration Service in Royal Oak, MI

We are here to help alter your clothes to look more fitted and accentuate your body’s curves. We will also use handkerchiefs, neckties, bowties, buttons, and other accessories for your suit to stand out and be recognizable in the crowd. We are also able to order any variety of accessories imaginable and give your new bespoke pieces the finishing touch they deserve.



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Custom Belts

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When it comes to bespoke men’s suits in Royal Oak, MI, we at Crown Custom Clothing have the perfect accessories to accompany your bespoke garment. If you are attending a black-tie event in your area and want to look as sophisticated or as professional as possible, you wouldn’t want to go there wearing a suit that blends with the rest of the crowd, right? How about accenting your style and highlighting your suit with a kerchief that complements your clothing? If kerchiefs are not your style, then a necktie or an intricately patterned bow tie might fit the bill to make you easily recognizable in the crowd.

Here at Crown Custom Clothing, all your accessory needs are met; choose from a variety of handkerchiefs, hats, neckties, and bowties. We also offer belts for those who prefer the traditional tucked look. For those wanting to go a step further, we also provide custom buttons, the perfect hardware to elevate your bespoke suit.

If it’s about women’s and men’s formal wear accessories, Royal Oak, Michigan is a definite go-to place as it’s home to a company that knows fine bespoke fashion: Crown Custom Clothing. Give us a call today for appointments or head down to our shop to see our selection of accessories in person.