Michigan Tailors Talk Business Casual

Business Casual: Formal Tops and Laid Back Lower Blocks


Formality is what sets men, ladies, and professionals apart from boys, girls, and amateurs. This concept is considered the epitome of sophistication and class among bespoke tailoring fanatics and high fashion critics alike in Michigan. This is evident from the fact that any fine gentleman wearing a well-made bespoke suit can somehow demand a degree of respect and authority from anyone whom they interact with in person. These suits are thus a favorite among various lines of white-collar work.

But it’s not every day that one finds himself in a situation where a corporate attire is required, let alone a full-on bespoke suit. Even so, many a man  prefer to command respect in the way they dress, emanating class and elegance with the garment that they wear. Hence, the question that arises from this statement is: “how do you achieve a formal look without actually going all out?” The answer, dear readers, is corporate casual.

What is a smart casual outfit or as some would term it, relaxed office wear?

The smart casual dress code consists of a combination of both formal wear and casual clothing. Though the concept seems easy enough, it does come with a set of rules. The top block consists of formal elements while the lower block showcases casual garments. Take note that this is a rule of thumb and should never be interchanged.

The business casual outfit is perfect for, you guessed it, casual business events such as Fridays at the office or informal get-togethers with workmates. And while it is considered appropriate for certain business events, it certainly does not limit the wearer from rocking it in a pub or at a mall. Due to the sheer flexibility of the outfit, it is ideal for those who prefer to look formal without necessarily being formal.

We’re all about custom-tailoring. So it’s only logical to start with what we do best — formal attires. Identifying one of the most important components of this attire is crucial if one wishes to pull off the business casual look, and nothing speaks more volume than the coat. Let’s take a look at the types of coats available for this kind of wear.

Sport Coats

Men’s sport coats are primarily used as a sporting attire, thus they are considered to be the most informal among this list. It is designed to have a loose fit that allows a person to wear bulky clothing underneath it. And since they are used for sporting events, these coats are made out of rough, sturdy fabrics such as houndstooth and Donegal tweed. Furthermore, it stands out from blazers and suit jackets because of its pleats, arm patches, ticket pockets, and sport lapels. Because of the rugged appearance and additional features, it is not accepted as a substitute for suit jackets during formal events. Despite this, it is a great option for a smart casual attire on a regular workday or even in sporting events across Michigan. Be mindful though, a sport coat with jeans might not be as formal as you would prefer, so you might want to check on the next two for more options.


Blazers are more formal than sport coats but are a notch lower than suit jackets. They are used particularly for special occasions and events that do not require a full suit. Now, there are several queries circling around the Internet regarding the formality of blazers. One of these questions is “are blazers business casual?” The answer to that is it depends on how blazers should fit. This type of coat offers a looser and more relaxed fit, allowing a person to wear dress shirts made out of thicker textile. Speaking of which, blazer fabrics include flannel, hopsack, and wool. In addition, some of these coats feature buttons made out of materials such as silver and mother-of-pearl.

Suit Jackets

Suit jackets are the most formal among the three and are strictly used for formal occasions and events. These coats are as simple as clothing can get; they do not have additional designs such as pleats and ticket pockets. They stand out among the rest of the coats primarily through the quality of the fabric used in creating them, which includes silk, velvet, cashmere, and linen. As for the fit, wearing a suit jacket requires that the design leans toward “slim fit” — as close to the wearer’s body as possible. These jackets are also not intended to cater to multiple layers of garment underneath them. With that being said, bespoke suit jackets are considered to be the epitome of class as they are made to perfectly fit the wearer.

How to pull off the relaxed office look?

Formalities aside, it’s time to look at how you can achieve a casual look. When it comes to looking casually sophisticated, denim is considered to be a staple among many fashion enthusiasts. Whether you prefer matching suit jackets with jeans or blazers with jeans, the crucial element here is the type of pants you wear. However, take note that although denim is the go-to choice for the lower block, not all colors would complement the formality of the top block. To match it with almost any type of coat or blazer design and color, it’s safer to go for plain dark-colored denim jeans.

As for cuffing, it is never a good option to do so as the essence of formality significantly declines. The smart casual attire requires the length of the jeans to be in line with the length of your legs, though more modern trends allow for the leg opening to sit just above the ankles.

If you opted for a custom suit jacket or a bespoke type of blazer to wear with jeans, the same tailoring shop can provide hemming services for your pair of denim as well.

If you really want to go the extra mile, it is advisable to take the jeans to a tailor shop for custom alterations. Slim fit jeans are trending these days so you might want to consider going that route. Be advised that this type of cut will fit all body types. When in doubt, have the tailor decide what would suit your body type best.

And there you have it; a crash course into the casual look and how to achieve it. Remember that although this type of attire isn't as highly meticulous as that of its formal counterpart, it still requires one to follow a certain set of rules to pull off the attire well. And if you want to ensure that you look as good as possible, go bespoke. It provides you the benefit of having to tailor your clothing — coat, shirt, and pants — to your precise measurements.

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