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Intricate Bespoke Suits in Bloomfield Hills, MI

Parts of a Bespoke Suit

Buying commercially made suits puts a limit to your choices. This makes finding the one that best suits your style next to impossible. But if you get your bespoke or custom suit from professionals like Crown Custom Clothing, which is catering to Bloomfield Hills, MI, we will be able to customize every single part of your suit. Below are the main parts of a suit that, with our help, can be changed to achieve your dream suit.

1. Cut – There are 3 types of cuts that you can choose from: slim, classic, and fitted. The slim cut flatters a person with a slim body and is the most popular type of fitting nowadays. The classic cut, on the other hand, provides a comfortable and conservative fitting and gives your body enough room to breathe. The fitted cut is the middle ground between slim and classic which can be the most elegant and stylish option for many

2. Breast – The breast can either be double or single. Single-breasted is more common and can vary with the number of buttons. A double-breasted suit, on the other hand, can offer a more sophisticated look but it is a lot harder to pull off unless commissioned as a bespoke suit where all measures are accurate.

3. Lapel – Lapels are the folded part of cloth on the front part of a jacket and comes in three types: notch, peak, and shawl. Be sure to try them on first and do your research in order to find the one that will best frame your face and shoulders. Or, you can talk to your custom tailor to get some professional advice.

4. Pockets – Pockets can come in many styles such as patch, flap, and jetted. There are also add-on pockets like pen, ticket, and internal breast pockets. Consult with your tailor with which of these types suit your taste.

5. Buttons – Aside from the design and color, the number of buttons can also affect the formality and overall look of the suit. For jackets and cuffs, it can range from one to four buttons and the more buttons can mean more formal. One option for cuff buttons is “kissing” where the buttons would slightly overlap one after the other.

6. Trouser – For trousers, you can customize the number of pleats as well as the type of waistband which can either be belt loops or side adjusters.

Again, there are countless ways of how you can customize your own bespoke suit. Here in Bloomfield Hills, MI, work only with the best. Work with Crown Custom Clothing. You can contact us at (248) 439-1898.