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What Summer Colors to Choose for Your Suit

Color – an essential factor that any fine gentleman or lady should take into account when deciding to go for a bespoke suit here in Michigan (or anywhere else for that matter). This factor correlates with fabrics and design, three main components that make up a suit. But what exactly is the significance of colors… Continue reading


Bespoke Wedding Dresses and the Bride

Custom tailors all around understand just how important a wedding dress is for a woman, may it be for Royal Oak, MI or beyond. The event itself is considered as one of, if not the most memorable days for them. It’s an event like no other. One can see people wearing suits and dresses that… Continue reading


Accessories for Your Bespoke Suit

Whenever we talk about bespoke garments, Michigan is at the forefront. Tailors within the state have been producing fine quality bespoke suit for years. Made from materials that range from cotton to cashmere, these suits are at the top of the list for any classy and sophisticated gentleman. But even with such fine craftsmanship, people… Continue reading


Off the Rack, Made to Measure, Bespoke: What’s The Difference

Every tailor out there would understand that not all suits are made the same. In fact, there are different suit types available for the public around Royal Oak, MI and other areas. There are pieces that are made for consumer convenience, while others are made for those with high attention to detail, both of which… Continue reading