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Suiting up during the Summer

Birmingham also has its fair share of warm summers. But attending corporate events where you need to dress up will always be inevitable. As to not ruin your style and comfort, Crown Custom Clothing can help you design and customize a suit that you can flaunt regardless of the summer heat. Before deciding to get a custom suit here in Birmingham, MI, here are few tips on how to pull off a suit without losing your “cool”:

1.  Linen or Cotton Suits 
Lighter fabrics like cotton and linen would be the perfect material for your summer suit. It is lightweight and breathable. It offers a relaxed summer look and is very comfortable.

2. Three-Piece-Suits
This one might come in surprising and you might be thinking “Why put-on more layers when you want to stay cool?” The reason why this is on our list is that with a finely tailored three-piece-suit, you can take off your jacket and still look dashing in your dress shirt and waistcoat. 

3. Unbutton and Skip the Tie
Keep in mind that the majority of suits are designed to be worn with buttons fastened. But for both the jacket and shirt, there can be exemptions in order to stay comfortable during the summer. You can leave the buttons open to show off your waistcoat, as well as skip the tie and leave 2 buttons open. This would be perfect for outdoor events like summer weddings or cocktail parties. But, in order to pull this look off, you need all parts of your suit in perfect fit as to not look sloppy. Partner with a professional tailor to achieve a modern cut that would still somehow make the overall look formal.

4. Tailored Shorts
For those who are willing to experiment, expert custom tailors can hook you up with a tailored short. When paired with a fine and matching shirt and jacket, you can still look smart while keeping a cool and comfortable feeling.
Consult with a professional tailor like Crown Custom Clothing if you want to try out these tips or if you have something different in mind. Trust us for your custom or bespoke suit for any upcoming event here in Birmingham, MI. You can reach us through (248) 439-1898.