Custom Tailors in Michigan Discuss Bespoke Wedding Dresses

Bespoke Wedding Dresses and the Bride


Custom tailors all around understand just how important a wedding dress is for a woman, may it be for Royal Oak, MI or beyond. The event itself is considered as one of, if not the most memorable days for them. It’s an event like no other. One can see people wearing suits and dresses that compliment the theme of the event — crisp looking suits, free-flowing gowns, and what have you. But of all the fashion pieces that are present during weddings, none can compare to the bride’s dress.

The wedding dress is an apparel that demands respect and recognition from anyone who lays eyes on it. Simple as it may look — each cut, stitch, style, warp, and weft highlights the bride’s presence over all women in the venue. It is made to scream elegance and beauty that topples all other dresses around. It is indeed a piece of clothing that speaks volumes for the bride.

Believe it or not, women from all over the globe would go to great lengths to attain the head-turning recognition that a truly unique wedding dress provides. For this reason, there is no doubt that bespoke is the way to go. See, ready-made and made-to-measure dresses give off a sense of blandness while tailor-made ones showcase the extraordinary. The latter provides the bride-to-be three major advantages over the former. These three opens an avenue for a woman to express herself and let her be recognized by people from the moment she arrives at the aisle to the moment she leaves with the groom.

But what are these three advantages? Let’s take a look.

Freedom of choice – compared to ready-made wedding dresses in places like Royal Oak, MI, bespoke ones provide the wearer the flexibility of choice. In this, it means the bride-to-be can request a certain type of design for the dress. She also has the freedom to pick the type of fabric she wants, as well as the accessories that will go with it. In fact, the wearer can basically choose how the whole dress will look like. And while some might argue that ready-made dresses can still provide the flexibility of choice, there are already a lot of limitations. The fabric, for example, can no longer be changed, and the shape cannot be fully modified because of its specific cut. Needless to say, designers and custom tailors can attest to how limiting a ready-made one can get in terms of customization.

A sense of uniqueness – if you were to opt for a ready-made wedding dress,  you’re running the risk of wearing a dress that may be worn by another bride during her own wedding. See, the point of the whole bespoke wedding dress is for the bride to have a dress that is truly only made for her. It would be somewhat disappointing or even downright frustrating to see that another bride has worn the same dress as you. Opting for a bespoke dress eliminates this humiliating situation and guarantees the bride-to-be a dress that no other will be able to wear. It is considered a highlight of her life, after all, so it’s only logical to be remembered as the one with the best-looking dress during the event along with having a dress that is similar to no other.

You get the essence of being you – this one probably outweighs the first two. They say clothing is an extension of the person. It represents the personality of the wearer. If, say, the bride wears a dress that doesn’t fit her personality, she wouldn't feel comfortable wearing it during her big day. By opting for a bespoke tailor, Having the advantage of making a dress that manifests your entire being not only helps you in terms of comfort but it elevates your confidence as well.

These three advantages are what sets bespoke wedding dresses from the rest of the dress styles around. There’s no denying that a wedding is an important milestone for every woman. So it’s only fitting to put in the extra effort to make it a day that’s definitely worth remembering. The wedding dress is one such item in every marriage ceremony that deserves such an effort. Going bespoke for such apparel makes it easier for you as you gain the ability to choose exactly what you want as well as attaining the ideal comfort you need during a historical event such as your wedding.

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