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Visiting Ann Arbor? Talk to Our Custom Tailor

Ann Arbor is known for the sprawling University of Michigan, an epicenter of research and development within the state BUT, that’s not all Ann Arbor is famous for. In fact, one can indulge themselves in the delights of museums, the law quad, and multiple classy pubs and restaurants that dot the entire area.

These classy locations are ideal for those who prefer the finer things in life — ladies and gentlemen who prefer to sip on fine wine, admire art, and of course wear custom clothing no one else has. If you prefer to get the true experience of Ann Arbor, Michigan, we at Crown Custom Clothing highly recommend getting a bespoke suit from us.

Our in-house custom tailor has years of experience, making him one of, if not, the most sought after tailors around Michigan. From casual button-downs to full-on bespoke suits, you’re sure to get a product that speaks for you and your personality.The next time you’re visiting Ann Arbor, you won’t be simply riding in your car with a pair of jeans and a shirt, but with a statement piece that definitely speaks of sophistication and class. So what are you waiting for, if you’re in need of a custom tailor to wear around Ann Arbor, Michigan, make sure to contact Crown Custom Clothing. You can give us a call at 248-439-1898 to book an appointment.