Men's Fashion 101: All About Bespoke Suit Accessories

Accessories for Your Bespoke Suit

A grey necktie and a watch

Whenever we talk about bespoke garments, Michigan is at the forefront. Tailors within the state have been producing fine quality bespoke suit for years. Made from materials that range from cotton to cashmere, these suits are at the top of the list for any classy and sophisticated gentleman. But even with such fine craftsmanship, people still consider them incomplete without the right accessories to match. And what exactly are those bespoke suit accessories you may find in Royal Oak , MI made garments that complement any gentleman’s garment? Let’s find out.

Wrist accessories

There’s a bit of a debate when it comes to wrist accessories in the world of bespoke suits. While some would say that having a bracelet or two would be fine, others would argue that it doesn’t match the whole idea of sophistication. But any gentleman would agree that when it comes to accessories, wrist watches are perfect for any bespoke suit. That being said, it’s also worth noting that not all kinds of wristwatches will do. In fact, digital watches are a huge sin for any savvy gent. If you’re opting to go for a wristwatch, make sure to use analog ones, preferably face watches. But it doesn’t end there. The strap should complement the suit you’re wearing. If you want to make sure that your wristwatch measures up, leather straps are always a safe bet when buying one that matches the formal get up.


Cuff links are considered to be an optional accessory for any well-made bespoke outfit. But it speaks volumes if you go down that route. There are numerous kinds to choose from. You have the benefit of choosing from plain designs to full on ornamental. If you’ve already opted to buy a bespoke suit from a tailor, it wouldn’t hurt if you would also opt to have a pair of custom cufflinks to go with it. Remember that the cuff links are only a highlight and aren’t meant to overpower the suit. So don’t buy anything that’s too showy.


Handkerchiefs have become a staple for any fine piece of gentleman’s garment. It represents formality and sophistication, not to mention a great way to impress any weeping lady. But don’t be mistaken, the one being talked about here goes on the front pocket of your suit. You would have to get at least two. One for the ladies, and one for personal use. Going back to the front handkerchief, you would have to choose the right color to match the suit. Though you can always buy those with designs, going for an all-white handkerchief is your safest bet, especially if your suit is dark. Remember, your coat is already good, but it remains bland unless it’s paired with a well-folded handkerchief on the front.


Anyone who knows high-end fashion would tell you that in order to complete the suit, there should be a proper necktie to match. So, give justice to your bespoke suit by complementing it with one. But before you grab any kind of necktie, be mindful. The necktie can make or break the suit. It is considered a desecration for one to use a Superman necktie for any formal wear. Even those with polka dots are a big mistake unless the suit demands it. Normally, plain ones that match the color of the suit will do, but if you want to make a good first impression, go for ones with proper designs. To ensure that you don’t mess up your getup, ask the tailor you got the suit from if they can recommend a tie that will go well with it.

There you have it, a comprehensive guide to bespoke suit accessories for Royal Oak, MI formal wear that will go well with your custom garment. Be cautious though, overdoing it might cause your suit to lose its formality. Depending on the situation, you might want to skip using too many accessories, or you might want to skip using any of them at all. It really boils down to how you wear the suit in public. As we at Crown Custom Clothing would always say: “it’s the manners that count, and not solely the suit.”

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