Michigan Tailors Discuss 3 Iconic Suit Styles for 2019

3 Suit Styles This 2019 You Should Be Considering

Suits are an essential part of every gentleman’s wardrobe. Just like any well-experienced garment maker, custom tailors in Michigan would attest to such an idea and even insist that a man’s closet should comprise of at least one well-made suit. While it is true that suits do not solely define the person, it may be one of the factors that would affect people’s first impression about a man’s characteristics. With that in mind, the suit should, in essence, be able to “fit” the wearer. But how can one tap into such capabilities? Crown Custom Clothing dissects bespoke clothing to better understand the very concept of a gentleman’s garments, starting with men’s suit styles. And to keep up with the modern times, we’re basing this discussion on Michigan’s current men’s suit styles of 2019 as well.

We’ll start off by defining what the article is pertaining to as “style” in formal wear. Black tie events across Michigan require black suits, preferably altered or fully bespoke to meet the standards of a wearer. In this situation, it’s not fitting to look into suit colors because of such limitations. Instead, it’s logical to look at the design. But not all formal events are limited to a black and white tuxedo, there are other more forgiving events around where such extreme formality isn’t necessary. So, the term “style” in this article will cater to both design, color, and pattern.

With that established, let’s look at the different types of suit designs for men.

The Classic Single-Breasted / Two-Button Suit

Three images of a two button suitAny formal attire would never be complete without the right coat or blazer. As bespoke tailors, we could testify that having the right coat style can elevate a custom suit. The single-breasted jacket is one that emanates simplicity and class. It entails that a wearer prefers the finer things in life while still accommodating the common man’s taste. The creation of this formal jacket is similar to that of regular jackets. This is in the sense that both front panels do not overlap beyond the breakpoint where the button can be found.

With its natural simplicity, pairing it with the right lapel design lets the wearer use it both at black-tie events (if the suit is black) or the more casual office setting (for other colors like gray). It is highly advised though that when wearing a two-button suit, one should always leave the second one unbuttoned.

The Double-Breasted Suit

A black double-breasted suit

This particular men’s coat style is attributed to power and stature. Unlike the single breast or two-button suit, this usually comes with four or more buttons found on the front panel of the suit. These suit buttons serve to hold the overlapping front panel of the garment (thus the name double-breasted coat). Now, as stated earlier, this one is different from that of the single-breasted/two-button design not only in terms of tailoring but also in terms of purpose. Back in the day, this style was usually associated with people in power, such as local Michigan CEOs and presidents. It was not until Georgio Armani took the initiative of redefining the double breast that it became widely accepted across different social spheres. Even so, it still bears the essence of being one of the men’s formal coat styles that command respect and authority. If you’re one to demand such status, we advise you to go for such style. Having a peaked lapel will also highlight and amplify the already nonconformist nature of such suit. A navy blue double-breasted suit is one option to look at if you want to emulate power and authority without being too isolated from the rest. If it’s still too much, we recommend going for a gray double-breasted suit with a notch lapel design. This option will significantly tone down the sense of authority but not enough to make you conform with everyone else.

The Check Suit

A blue check suitNow take either of the two styles and add pattern to it. And by pattern, we’re talking about the famous checked suit. The checkered suit is mostly associated with the European type of suits, utilizing the more matte looking fabrics such as twill (though not limited to it) to define the suit from the rest. The blazer style usually brandishes a single-button or two-button suit design with both horizontal and vertical lines that intersect to form the famous pattern we all know. If you’re thinking of pulling off such style, make sure to have a matching pair. A checkered suit jacket would look isolated and awkward when paired with trousers that don’t have the same pattern and color.

One important point to remember when wearing suits of any style would be the measurement of the pants. The length of suit trousers should be long enough to sit just right above the opening of the shoes. If the ankles are already showing or if the leg opening creases, the whole outfit loses its essence that even a well-defined suit style cannot compensate for.

In order for you to fully utilize such style, one should opt for suit alterations at a bonafide couturier shop near you. Still, our best advice is for you to invest in a customized suit instead of off-the-rack ones as you are given full control of the design that you want. Remember that although there are different types of suit designs for men and women, they wouldn’t be of much help if the wearer doesn’t feel comfortable with the style or the suit cut.

Here at Crown Custom Clothing, we provide the best bespoke suits in Michigan. Our tailors are well-versed and highly skilled in the art of custom-tailoring. They can do everything from understanding different suit cuts that match various body types to developing custom clothing such as suit trousers with side adjusters. We also provide alteration services for clients with specific measurement preferences, our master tailor for all our Michigan projects spearheads the whole operation and ensures that all of our products meet high fashion standards.

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