Tailoring vs. Alteration: Know the Difference

Photo from Pexels by malcolm garret Tailoring and alteration is your ticket to an article of perfectly-fit clothing that will help you achieve that stunning look. You can confidently walk around knowing that your clothes are fitted flawlessly just for you. Here at Crown Custom Clothing, we believe in preserving the stories behind every clothing… Continue reading


Customize Your Own Intricate Gown for your Michigan Wedding

Finding the Wedding Dress Design that is Perfect for Your Figure WEDDINGS . . . Almost every girl has always dreamt of having the so-called “PERFECT WEDDING”. Many of these girls have daydreamed or even played pretend of how they want their weddings to happen once they are already in that moment. The overall motif… Continue reading


Scarfs and Suits: A Gentleman’s Theme

Photo from pxfuel under CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Wearing a scarf is a trend that’s timeless both in terms of appeal and functionality. Tailors from all over Michigan can attest to such fashion. It showcases advantages that range from making one’s image appear sleeker to the usual warmth and comfort. But for the elegant… Continue reading


What Your Suit Says About You

What does your suit say about you — this has been an underlying question for any and possibly, all well-dressed men (and women) living in Michigan today. From suit colors to suit fabrics, each factor plays an important part in any kind of garment, especially that of a bespoke suit.  We’re going through a rundown of… Continue reading


Fall Fabrics for your Bespoke Suit

With the changing of seasons, it’s only natural for popular clothing styles to also undergo certain shifts. Last summer, people were fixated with comfort, ease, and breathability when visiting custom tailor shops to make their clothes. But when the temperature started dropping — especially here up north in Michigan — that fad won’t hold water… Continue reading


3 Suit Styles This 2019 You Should Be Considering

Suits are an essential part of every gentleman’s wardrobe. Just like any well-experienced garment maker, custom tailors in Michigan would attest to such an idea and even insist that a man’s closet should comprise of at least one well-made suit. While it is true that suits do not solely define the person, it may be… Continue reading


Business Casual: Formal Tops and Laid Back Lower Blocks

Formality is what sets men, ladies, and professionals apart from boys, girls, and amateurs. This concept is considered the epitome of sophistication and class among bespoke tailoring fanatics and high fashion critics alike in Michigan. This is evident from the fact that any fine gentleman wearing a well-made bespoke suit can somehow demand a degree… Continue reading


What Summer Colors to Choose for Your Suit

Color – an essential factor that any fine gentleman or lady should take into account when deciding to go for a bespoke suit here in Michigan (or anywhere else for that matter). This factor correlates with fabrics and design, three main components that make up a suit. But what exactly is the significance of colors… Continue reading


Bespoke Wedding Dresses and the Bride

Custom tailors all around understand just how important a wedding dress is for a woman, may it be for Royal Oak, MI or beyond. The event itself is considered as one of, if not the most memorable days for them. It’s an event like no other. One can see people wearing suits and dresses that… Continue reading


Accessories for Your Bespoke Suit

Whenever we talk about bespoke garments, Michigan is at the forefront. Tailors within the state have been producing fine quality bespoke suit for years. Made from materials that range from cotton to cashmere, these suits are at the top of the list for any classy and sophisticated gentleman. But even with such fine craftsmanship, people… Continue reading