Master Tailor in Michigan


Learning the craft

Mohammed started learning the basics of sewing and tailoring back in 1970’s and mastered the art of handling thimble. He was involved in multiple projects back then, handling a plethora of fabrics.

the tailor and the shop
Global Exposure

Kalam’s enthusiasm about bespoke tailoring quickly made him realize that he had to step out of his comfort zone and take as much global exposure to hone his skill. Back in the early 80’s he moved to Kuwait and worked with multiple master tailors feeding his quest to become as efficient as possible.

He started assisting vendors and clients on how to choose the best fabric and material. Soon Kalam realized that if he has to make it to the top, he has to come to the business and fashion capital of the world – New York, USA is where he had his eyes set for years. His dream became a reality when in 1990 he set foot in the United States of America- a land of opportunities. His aim was to find his niche and start from the bottom as the industry was competitive. However, the adversities did not deter his enthusiasm of learning the skillset, operating the automated sewing machines, and most importantly communicating his emotions and expressing his voice. Against all the odds, Kalam finally got his breakthrough in 1995 when SAKS FIFTH AVE invited him to perform some alteration for their high end clientele. He quickly became their favorite and ultimately became their Master tailor.

inspection of a bespoke coat
Coming to the Pure Michigan
EARLY 2000’S

Kalam’s wife immigrated to the USA in 2001 but she was reluctant to stay in a crowded New York and wanted to start their life in a quaint city with multiple lakes; Michigan was an obvious choice. Frankly speaking, where else would you get so many lakes?

In 2004, he finally got a job in Brooks Brother located in Somerset Collection Mall in Troy. After a while, he was referred to Burberry Executive because of his skillset and started at Burberry as a part timer. He quickly procured a loyal clientele who in 2009 requested him to open his own custom shop in Somerset Collection. He was overwhelmed with the kind of support he got. His clientele was high level executives from banks, Oakland county judges and bureaucrats, and doctors from all major hospitals. The clients wanted a more intimate experience of custom tailoring and Kalam was ambivalent whether to leave his stable job at Brooks Brothers.

showcasing various fabrics
2009- Present

Finally in 2009, Kalam opened his shop in the uprising city of Royal Oak in the heart of Oakland County. His clients were very happy and he quickly grew his business from only men’s clothing to women’s dresses and wedding dresses. He has been running Crown Tailor since then and is making sure that the customer gets the best experience when they step in his shop. His expertise includes men’s shirts and suits, custom bespoke menswear clothing, tuxedos, top coats, women’s dresses, and wedding dresses. In his shop you can select from a wide variety of fabrics and button designs. He hopes that he continues to serve the customers from Metro Detroit and soon all across from Michigan.

the tailor and his family shaking hands with a client being part of an event the master tailor and his suits staff during christmas mingling with clients woman wearing a bespoke dress a custom tuxedo tailor looking at fabrics

Looking forward to serve you soon…
Mohammad Kalam